Shooting in Walla Walla leaves 1 dead

Shooting in Walla Walla leaves 1 dead
WALLA WALLA, Wash. -- A man was killed after being shot in the doorway of a home. Police think the case could actually be the result of self-defense.

Police responded to Belle Street just after 6:30 a.m. Sunday. Joshua White, 35, was shot in the chest. The incident sent shock-waves through a normally quiet neighborhood.

Toni Hayes lives on Belle Street. She was astounded by the news.

'For this to happen just down the street, kinda just shocked me," Hayes says.

Police tell Action News the shooting happened after a night of heavy drinking between two men. Early Sunday morning, there was a confrontation, and White was asked to leave. Police say the Anacortes man did leave, but eventually returned to the home where he tried breaking down the door.

That's when the other man shot White with a shotgun.

Hayes knows the man who lives in the house. She's sympathetic for anyone who's had to defend their home.

"I don't blame him for what he did. He had the courage to do what most people probably wouldn't have done," she says.

Others who live in the area say the shooting seems justifiable, but are worried about their kids.

"As long as it's not drug or gang related. I just don't want my kids playing and stuff around here. I don't want no problems like that, but if they guy deserved it, he deserved it," says Edward Martinez, who also lives Walla Walla.

Hayes says this situation will change the way she views the neighborhood. "Just gonna be a little more leery. Watch my back, know my surroundings, people. Just take precautions. Be more careful," she says.

Police say the shooter is cooperating. The investigation is on-going and no arrests have been made.