More details on the shooting in Milton-Freewater

More details on the shooting in Milton-Freewater »Play Video
MILTON-FREEWATER, Oregon - The district attorney won't say it was a drive by and only confirms a report about gunshots being fired on Elizabeth Street.

We do know that the major crimes unit is investigating. We also know everyone is expected to survive their injuries.

Umatilla County tells us they have no idea of a motive or who is responsible for the shooting.

Despite the minimal information, neighbors say there's no mistaking what went down outside their homes.

Peggy Summers tells KEPR, "They've had them (gangs) down here at the park, I mean, you know to where they're gonna meet and do something. Matter of fact, it hasn't been that long since there was a killing, a gang killing."

While officials do suspect multiple parties had hands in this, they're not ready to call it gang-related.