Sex offenders an issue for McKenna and Inslee

Sex offenders an issue for McKenna and Inslee »Play Video
KENNEWICK, Wash. - With the election weeks away, you know the big ticket issues. But it's the case involving Jerry Sharp that highlights other threats to our community.

Sharp is a level three sex offender with a history of re-offending.
He's not allowed at city parks, schools or the library.

So people were shocked to find it was perfectly legal to have Sharp live across the street from Sacajawea Elementary.
Certain sex offenders can't live within 880-feet of a school but Sharp was convicted well before that went into effect.

We wanted to know what Attorney General Rob McKenna would do about that if elected Governor.

He said, " you bet I'd be glad to work with your legislators to address this issue so that no high level sex offender can slip through a loop hole or find other ways to avoid that prohibition.

KEPR confirmed, "regardless of conviction date?"

"That's regardless of conviction date. We've steadily strengthened the laws to protect our children from high level sex offenders since I've been Attorney General and we can continue to do the same," said McKenna.

To keep this story balanced I reached out to Jay Inslee for his comment on the same issue. His camp replied by email, saying that he, too, would support changes to the current laws.

It's one issue they can certainly agree on to keep our community safe.

Following our coverage of this issue, Jerry Sharp has moved out of that home in Richland.

He's now living out of his car but must check in weekly with the Sheriff's Department.