Safer streets in Pasco

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PASCO, Wash. - The KEPR Crime Tracker learned fewer people are being arrested in Pasco.

Despite what it might seem, police say this is actually the sign of a safer community.

Pasco's street crimes unit has changed the landscape by giving police a chance to actually prevent crime rather than react to it.

Pasco has had its fair share of crimes over the past year. Now, with more officers able to comb the streets. The community is seeing a difference.

Neighbor Veronica Meza said, "The first 2 years I was here I don't see no cops over here, no police at all."

She moved here four years ago. She got used to frequent vandalism, car prowls, and break-ins. But she's noticed more boots on the streets in recent months.

Pasco has always done area-based policing, dividing the city up into four sections. Keeping officers on those beats a year at a time. And now that the 4 mini sub stations are online, they're hoping to send an even clearer message to criminals: stay out of Pasco.

Comparing the first few months of last year to the same time this year.
Burglaries, auto theft and malicious mischief are about the same.
Property thefts were slightly up, less than 20 more than this time last year.

Even if the number of calls for service have jumped, almost 700.
It doesn't mean there's more arrests. In fact, there's about half as many as this time last year.

Police say this is actually a good thing. It's not that criminals are getting away, it's that they're not committing the crimes in the first place.

Those who are tend to be responsible for a number of crimes.
The department insists on partnering with neighbors to keep crime off the streets.

Capt. Jim Raymond with Pasco police said, "If that changes for them we want to be able to work with them and try to alleviate that sense of fear if you will, to help feel more secure in their communities, in their neighborhood, that's what we're about, that's what we're trying to do."

Neighbors like Veronica can't ask for anything more.

"Keep an eye on them, keep an eye on the streets, everything they see, they catch," she said.

She's counting on the department to keep her family safe.

Officers are also keeping daily logs tracking their activity.

Not only to track trends but to stay accountable for their efforts while on their beat.