SWAT team moves in on Pasco house

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PASCO, Wash. -- It was a dramatic wake up call for people in a normally quiet neighborhood. Road 32 in Pasco was transformed into a SWAT zone as police tried arresting a shooting suspect.

Allie Weir was one of hundreds of people who woke up to shocking sight. In the middle of a neighborhood off Court Street, fully armed SWAT team members were ready for battle.

"I go outside and see guys in Army clothes, SWAT team clothes, and police officers walking down Road 32 with guns. They looked like they were getting ready to go into a war-zone," Allie says.

Law enforcement was tipped off about a suspicious vehicle parked on West Pearl Street. When the plates matched those of a car used in a shooting in Othello, police set up a perimeter around the house. Allie was scared for her children.

"I got five kids here, there's two kids there, there's kids across the street, there's kids everywhere. There's fifty alone on this street," she says.

The SWAT team moved in on the house and deployed several flash-bangs. The sounds caused panic in a normally quiet neighborhood.

“People probably got scared out of their brains,” Allie says.

Law enforcement discovered the suspect was not home, but got information on where he might be.

"We're just working with Othello and giving them whatever help they need," says Captain Ken Roske with the Pasco Police Department.

Meanwhile, neighbors were left wondering what was happening.

“When you ask them, they go don't worry it's a dangerous situation. Go inside, go inside. It's like, my walls ain't gonna stop your guns if they go off. If someone's running through on a murdering spree," Allie added.

Luckily for these neighbors, the SWAT team was able to gather the information they needed *without* firing a round.