Rush for deals on Black Friday

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TRI-CITIES, Wash. - There were huge crowds and lines around the building at Best Buy in Kennewick. The build up to the official midnight start of Black Friday hit a fever pitch.

Some shoppers waited in line for days. For these folks, this was the place to be, even when other stores when some were already open, some as early as Thanksgiving afternoon.

Hundreds of customers busted through the doors trying not to trample over each other, struggling for carts before stampeding to their favorite part of the store. The goal: to score the deal of a lifetime.

Shoving through crowded aisles was a struggle, weaving around overloaded shopping carts stacked with boxes even worse. Once you got your hands on that hot item, there was yet another line. Tickets and display boxes had to be traded in for the real thing.

Then, one last line. Time to check out, making the journey from standing outside to bagging up the deal seem like a life time.

One young shopper was happy to make the sacrifice. Alexander Villareal said, "Absolutely worth it, a big discount, a big, big discount." He waited over 5 hours to get his hands on some video games.

If Best Buy wasn't enough, the Columbia Center Mall offered shoppers a chance to score deals like never before.

It started with Macy's and 20 other stores last year. Now over 100 stores have joined in the Black Friday shopping day, trying to steal the profit thunder of big box retailers like Walmart, Target and Toys-R-Us.

For the mall, after last year's success, it made sense to go bigger and better.

Christina Ellis shops Black Friday every year and loves that she can now add the mall to her list of places to shop.

"A lot of variety here. Its just the fun of as all being together, shopping. We love to shop," she said.

One of the biggest draws was Old Navy. The mob outside waiting to get in never shrunk. They offered new deals every few hours keeping shopper coming back for more.

Food vendors were also taking advantage of late-night shoppers.

Many tired patrons sought refuge on couches but no sleeping was allowed.

Christina said, "We'll be here at JC Penny's at 6 in the morning. So we'll go home and take a break and be back at 6.

That was the same plan for many others who just can't get enough of Black Friday.

If you missed out, there will be sales at most major stores throughout the weekend.