Richland to criminals: We're watching you

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RICHLAND, Wash. -- Neighbors in the Willowbook community off Leslie Road set up a surveillance camera. Their neighborhood has been the target of thieves for the last couple years. They've had five car prowls just since April 1st.

In the video you can see two people walking into a cul-de-sac. They scope out a car in someone's driveway. This is not unusual activity for this community.

Neighbor Terri Sharp said,"I just take precautions that I didn't take before, but it doesn't make me afraid."

She bought the first house in this development. Terri is a member of the neighborhood watch program. She knows too well about what's going on, her friend across the street was a victim.

"She left something in the house. She went in the house and got it, when she came back her purse had been stolen out of her car. That fast," Terri said.

This is why another neighbor set up a camera, catching this pair in the act. One person goes into a neighbor's back yard, the other checks out a second car.

He goes so far as to shine a light through the window to help his search. Both people end up leaving the area empty handed. Giving us proof that it pays to lock up. This video helps cops keep tabs on criminals.

You don't have to have a surveillance camera to know what's going on in your neighborhood. Richland police is now mapping out crimes after they happen using the website,

In just the Willowbrook neighborhood you can see a few car prowls, a residential burglary, even some suspicious circumstances all reported within the past few weeks.

The website will keep neighbors in the loop, just as the neighborhood watch and surveillance video does for police.

Terri said, "The police will have, they will be able to key in on who it is that's doing it."

Trying to put an end to all this once and for all.

Richland Police tell KEPR they just started to use the website.

They are able to chart crimes from arson to D-U-I's.