Richland mom: 'They almost got hit and that was with us there'

Richland mom: 'They almost got hit and that was with us there'
RICHLAND, Wash. -- Valerie Anderson and Zelene Fowler are out on the street each weekday morning. They stand guard at the corner of Kensington Way and Nottingham, close to Duportail in Richland.

They gather the kids 8:25 am and walk as a group to White Bluffs Elementary School. There is no marked crosswalk and no stop sign.

Valerie said, "I screamed at the top of my lungs down here and they almost got hit, and that was with us there."

Drivers from either direction are coming out of a blind corner making it all the more risky for the kids. Valerie and Zelene thought these were good enough reasons to contact the city of Richland.

"They keep saying, we know there's a problem, we know that it needs to be handled but it's been a year and a half since I talked to them and there still isn't anything," Valerie said.

The moms would like to see a crosswalk added or possibly a crossing guard, and even a stop sign.

Anything, they say, to get drivers to keep their eyes peeled for kids.

Zelene said, "If they saw the bright orange cross guards and the cross stop then they would pay more attention."

KEPR took their concerns to Richland's Public Works. We were told the problem at Kensington and Nottingham has been reviewed before. At that time, the situation didn't call for a cross walk or stop sign. Richland said it now deserves a second look, especially with more construction on the way.

Jeff Peters said, "We will continue to monitor it. We're going to be doing some traffic counts this year so if that's an area we can see if there's any additional traffic."

They aren't making any promises but it's a start. For now the safest way to White Bluffs is staying on Kensington and crossing at the top of the hill.

Its a temporary solution to a growing problem.

The parents in this neighborhood tell KEPR they will continue to stay at the corner and serve as a crossing guard until final changes are made.

The moms also say they reached out to the school district but any changes would have to go through the city first.