Richland bomb squad at the ready

Richland bomb squad at the ready
RICHLAND -- Following the tragedy in Boston and the scare in Richland on Monday, KEPR is taking a closer look at our local bomb squad.

We learned they practice twice a month using real-life scenarios. Just this afternoon, they ran a drill where a robot took control of a pipe bomb. Sgt. Darrel Judge gave us the play by play.

"The bomb tech was able to get the robot to grab the device and so now he's transporting it--carefully, and he's going to put it in the vessel here," he said.

The Richland Bomb squad can respond all over our region and even to Moses Lake. They were called to around 30 incidents last year. They've been to three this year, including the one on Monday outside a medical building.

A misplaced briefcase seemed suspicious but ended up being a workman's printer repair kit.