Richland School District looking for new superintendent

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RICHLAND, Wash. - It will be a few months until a new picture gets posted on the wall in the district office. Former Superintendent Jim Busey's used to hang there. The head shot is down and the district is leaving the past behind.

Parents want to see major changes in the search for Busey's replacement.

John Betzsold raised his kids in Richland. He said, "If the previous criteria, whatever was used, is the same criteria this round, we all have heard the story about insanity and doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results."

There's no doubt the scandal with Busey created mistrust. The former superintendent was fired for affairs with employees.

The Richland School Board intends to closely-scrutinize any candidate.

Board member Rick Donahoe said the board will handle this round of hiring differently. "I say broader perspective, not suspicious. Don't want to be suspicious. It will be a more thorough scrubbing I would say than it was last time," he said.

The recruiting firm from the last time is not being used again. The goal is to get a replacement in by July 1st, without rushing it.
The district is also trying to maintain a positive impression in the community.

It started airing a commercial last month before ballots are due back on a massive bond.

They are hoping to send out a message that students are the number one focus.

Parents like John Betzsold has high standards and will be following the process closely.

"I don't mind if an official group of people took something in their own hands, and maybe even hire a private investigator," he said.

They are trying to make sure history doesn't repeat itself.

The district will be asking the community to weigh in on the process at board and special meetings.

Ballots are due Tuesday for the $98 million dollar bond. It needs a 60 percent super majority to pass.