Priest's car tagged in Richland

Priest's car tagged in Richland »Play Video
RICHLAND, Wash. -- Richland High and Christ the King were both the victims of vandals overnight.

The maintenance supervisor at the church on Stevens says they were hit once last Friday with minimal graffiti. They covered it up - only for the vandals to come back Saturday and sprayed even more -- tagging the school, church and even a priest's car. Christ the King has no surveillance videos.

But Richland High does - and police are looking at those to help catch the vandals.

"Not a very good morning, lots of graffiti, at least it wasn't rude words or something, you know it's not what I need to come into work and take care of, I got plenty more to do. It's a very big hassle, in some areas, we're gonna have to repaint after painting over them," said the Christ the King Maintenance Supervisor, Robert Gordon Williams.

The graffiti was removed before the end of the day.