Residents regroup after homes lost in Umatilla

Residents regroup after homes lost in Umatilla »Play Video
UMATILLA, OREGON - Clean up started on the four homes lost in Umatilla Tuesday. The cause of the fire was a lit cigarette left on a back porch.

Residents started sifting through the wreckage trying to save what they could.

Doll houses, kitchen furniture an pictures were fully intact and hardly looked damaged.

Neighbors spent the day taking inventory and loading moving vans.

The owner of the neighboring home that's still standing, Noe Valdez, did what he could to pitch in. He says he's just thankful he still has his home after his neighbor called him at work to tell him everything was on fire.

Valdez said, "I got here, ran two blocks down through the smoke. When I got here I saw my house still standing, not on fire. I was like wow, I was surprised. I was amazed, couldn't believe it."

Officials haven't said if they'll press charges for the person accused of discarding the cigarette.