57 dogs adopted in one day at Columbia Park

57 dogs adopted in one day at Columbia Park »Play Video
KENNEWICK, Wash. -- Jenny's Hope in Kennewick hosted a Super Pet Adoption event at Columbia Park Saturday. Kevin Hare came here to look for a new member to his family after his German shepherd passed away.

"The love you get from an adopted animal is uncomparable to anything else," said Kevin.

Organizing this adoption event isn't easy for Jenny's Hope. With over 100 dogs to choose from and not being a shelter, they work all year in an effort to try to meet their goal on this day.

"For every shelter to come up to us today and say, 'We adopted out all of our animals,' so they do not have to go back to a shelter or a foster home. They can find their forever home today," said Debbie Bailey of Jenny's Hope.

Finding a forever home is not easy. With so much riding on one day to meet their goal, they've also run into another issue.

"Sponsors," said Bailey. "This year we lacked in funds. We primarily just try to raise money so that we can put this on for one day."

The nonprofit pays over $5,000 to host the event. But for them, it's not about the money.

"Totally the animals. It's all about the animals," said Bailey.

And for some, it's more personal.

"They are caged up; that's basically you're talking about doggy jail there," said Kevin.

Kevin even got lucky today.

"His eyes touched my soul, my heart, and it was just time to give him a home," he said.

One step closer to every rescue having a forever home.

Jenny's Hope adopted out more than half of the dogs that were there, and they hope to adopt out every single one next year.