Red Cross shelter houses dozens after Pasco apartment fire

Red Cross shelter houses dozens after Pasco apartment fire
PASCO, Wash. -- Henry Galbraith says he tried desperately to save his apartment on Fourth and Sylvester as flames took over the building Saturday night.

"I sprayed it as long as I could until the third story glass broke. I was around the corner and it barely missed me and cut my garden hose," he says.

Now Henry finds himself an evacuee. Dozens were forced out of the Sacajawea Apartments. Some found shelter with family or friends -- but 40 have nowhere else to go. They're now at a make-shift Red Cross shelter at Pasco High school.

"It's wonderful to have a place for...the red cross is just wonderful," he added.

The Red Cross has been housing the people since Saturday and says more people could arrive as the week goes on.

"It's always hard to tell if our population is going to go up or down as the days progress. We had so many people who were displaced and so a lot of people found shelter with friends and family," says Megan Snow, a Red Cross worker.

This is the largest shelter the Red Cross has set up in the Tri-Cities in at least five years.

"This is going to be a really long-term disaster assignment for us," Snow added.

Henry says he's still in good spirits, despite losing his home and one of his dogs in the fire.

"Can't tell the future, so I'm enjoying today. It's a beautiful day. What more can you ask for? We got a shelter. I'm not upset," he says.

He expects to stay there as long as he's able as he figures out a long-term plan.

The Kennewick Petsmart also helped find temporary homes for dozens of pets that can't be kept at the shelter. There's still no word on how much damage the fire caused or exactly what started it.