Recycling re-vamp?

Recycling re-vamp?
KENNEWICK, Wash. -- Are you overdoing it to help save our environment? In Kennewick it's a question worth asking.

A year after the city made recycling more efficient, we found out many of you still don't know about the changes. And now those improvements are at risk of disappearing.

Marie Vidring lives in Kennewick and is an avid recycler.

"I do the sorting. I have three different bins outside my garbage can and I put them each in separate containers,” she says.

But Marie, along with many others, including some city workers, didn't know she was doing too much.

"A lot of residents have multiple bins for separating out their recycling and we have the ability to put all our items that are recyclable in the bin with the exception of glass, so you only need two bins to recycle at curb side,” says Evelyn Lusignan with the City of Kennewick.

That was news for Marie.

"I had no idea! I painstakingly make sure each container has its own thing. No, I had no idea,” she says.

The contract Kennewick has with Waste Management is due to expire later this year. City council met last week and discuss possible changes before re-upping the contract, but wants feedback from the public.

Marie has some ideas of her own.

"I think some changes would be to get the community more involved. I know when I go visit Seattle, even at McDonald's they have you separate your trash with your plastic and paper and compost. So maybe that's something we could challenge the community and businesses to do here," she added.

The city might consider changes that could include single stream recycling that would get rid of the two bin system, but that won't be decided until they get customer feedback. We learned the city plans to team up with Waste Management in getting customer feedback. If you have any ideas you would like to see, you can contact the city of Kennewick.