Rabid bat bites baby

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PASCO, Wash. -- A Pasco family is telling their story about a brush with rabies. Their young granddaughter was bit by a bat right in their backyard.

A Pasco grandfather was never concerned about rabies in his suburban backyard.

"I came out to open the umbrella because it was about this time and when I got this thing about that far opened up, something black kind of fluttered out of it and I couldn't really tell what it was and my granddaughter was sitting on the ground over here . My wife was coming out the door and she saw that this bat, and she didn't know it was a bat at the time, but something was on my granddaughter's shoulder," says Dan Anderson. His granddaughter had a rabid bat hanging from her shoulder.

The grandparents sprung into action and swatted the bat away. But it still managed to bite the 11 month old twice. Once on her shoulder. Once on her back.

"We took the baby to the emergency room," Dan added.

The bites were about the size of pin-pricks. But doctors weren't taking chances. She was immediately treated for rabies. The very next day, Dan Anderson found the bat back in the umbrella. They killed it and called the health department.

"We bagged the bat up and got it shipped off. They turned the results in one day so that's when we found out it did have rabies," Dan continued.

Luckily, the baby was already being treated for the deadly disease.
Dan and his family couldn't be more relieved this brush with a rabid animal ended safely.

This is a real serious deal, but we're just fortunate that we were able to -- that it worked out the way it did," he says.

Though Dan might be a bit more apprehensive -- the next time he's opening his umbrella.

Dan and his wife are also being treated for rabies just to be on the safe side. Officials with the health department say they get about 400 reports of animal bites every year. They treat every one as a possible rabies case.