Public pools opening in Tri-Cities

Public pools opening in Tri-Cities
TRI-CITIES -- It's pretty much pool weather now..but our public pools are still a few weeks away from opening.

They're being prepped to welcome swimmers by Memorial Day Weekend. That's when Howard Amon Memorial pool will open in Richland and they'll also turn on the pipes at the Badger Mountain Spray Park.

The rest of the public pools in Tri-Cities will open June 8th. The weekend after school gets out. As you know, renovations are planned for Kurtzman and Richardson in Pasco. So only Memorial will open this summer. People are all looking forward to it.

"One of the students in my class had a pool party here and it was really fun. I remember I was in Kindergarten, it was a great time. We spent all day swimming and hanging out with friends," says Mason Winegarden, a patron of the public pools.

The pools will be open all summer until the end of August. Admission for most pools is around five-dollars.