Privacy wasn't an issue at first facial recognition test at Ams game

Privacy wasn't an issue at first facial recognition test at Ams game »Play Video
KENNEWICK, Wash. -- The Tri-City Americans had their second game of the season tonight. This time, without the facial recognition cameras that were in place at last night's game.

Andy Boderick has been an Ams season ticket holder for the past five years. He has never worried about his safety at the Toyota Center, but he does think the new developing technology could be beneficial.

"I really didn't think much about it, I figured if it helps catch somebody they're looking for...and I've got nothing to hide, so it's not a big deal," said Andy Boderick.

But others would disagree. News of the facial recognition cameras have stirred up some controversy, raising concern of privacy invasion.
It's a project PNNL is working on for the Department of Homeland Security -- evaluating software for facial recognition technology.

"We think this is a great way to help the nation develop the technology further...that it could be used potentially to help recover lost children or prevent kidnappings or prevent mass shootings, or prevent a million other things that could happen down the road," said PNNL Greg Koller.

At last night's game, the cameras were tested with about 20 PNNL volunteers. While the cameras still recorded other people who walked past them, the 20 volunteers were the only faces recognizable. PNNL says the test ran smoothly and they received no concern regarding privacy.

"I personally am very concerned about privacy as are many of the people who work on this project, we would not be involved in anything where we thought privacy was at risk," said Koller.

Even though the cameras from last nights game are already torn down for tonight's game, PNNL says they plan on coming out here a few more times this season to test out the technology again.

"You're walking around a public place with thousands of people, so I mean if you got something to hide, you should probably stay home," said Boderick.

PNNL isn't sure exactly when they will be back to the Toyota Center.
But they do plan to run tests a handful of times this season.