Power outage closes Pasco schools

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TRI-CITIES, Wash. - "Today's a good hat day, hahaha, definitely", said Blanca Ramirez.

That's if you can keep your hat on. Gusts topping 70 miles per hour thrashed trees and power lines. Hours later, it's still windy, and the damage is piling up.

Hundreds were without power at some point Monday. From Benton City to Kennewick, many woke up in the dark. City and county PUDs worked full steam ahead to get power restored. Mostly everyone went on with their day, except for students at five elementary schools in Pasco.

Blanca said, "I wasn't sure what time they started school or what time they needed to be here so I was just going to walk in and ask."

Only she didn't even have to get out of the car. Signs posted in student drop-off zones gave the good news to students, no school today.

Officials tell KEPR they started their emergency cycle about an hour after they normally would had this been a snow storm instead of a wind storm. Since the power was out here at the district building they had to move their emergency operations over to Pasco High School in order to get information out.

Causing even more confusion, leaving some parents and students out of the loop. Leaving them no choice but to show up in person to see what was going on.

Their day off didn't mean a play day. Swing sets were ghosts towns.
Only tumbleweeds took to the slides. Definitely not a disappointment to Blanca.

"Get some mommy and me time," Blanca said.

KEPR has learned all power has been restored across the area and all schools are expected to be open as normal tomorrow.

Since Pasco didn't order a district-wide closure the school day will not have to be made up by those students.