Possible animal cruelty in Kennewick

Possible animal cruelty in Kennewick
Kennewick -- A potential case of animal cruelty in Kennewick. A homeowner came to find their dog dead under the porch.

It appeared to have wounds from a pellet gun. Action News reporter Davis Wahlman learned Kennewick Police were called *twice this past weekend for people who suspected their dogs had been shot.

People living on North Jefferson Street told me they've never second-guessed letting their dogs run around outside.
That mindset changed when they learned a dog on their street had died.

Owners suspect the dog was killed -- shot by a pellet gun.

Brittney Emineth said, "If somebody shot my dog, I'd probably be in tears. It would be just like losing a member of the family."

Police got the call Sunday to the neighborhood off Clearwater.
It appeared the dog had injuries from a pellet gun.
The owner police a neighbor was likely to blame.
The accused neighbor denied the claim.
The Emineths didn't even know there was an incident.

"It would have been nice if somehow the city put out a warning to those of us that have dogs on the street, and there's a lot of us, maybe there's some sort of threat to our animals," said Bret.

Neighbors said even though this is an isolated and one-time incident, they're not sure they feel safe letting their dogs play outside anymore.

Others like Jessica say their fear goes beyond what happened to the dog.

"I find it kind of alarming that our children are, you know, being raised on a street where somebody would have the kind of heart to hurt an animal. Unless you're being physically attacked or are in mortal danger, what's the point of that?"

Coincidentally, Kennewick Police took another call about a dog shot by pellet gun on East 10th Avenue.
A woman said her boyfriend's dog had been shot.
It's not yet clear what happened to that animal.

Police are actively investigating both cases.