Passengers ejected in highway crash

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RICHLAND, Wash. - A two car collision on I-82 leaves two in critical condition.

The crash occurred around four this afternoon near Dalles road.

A mom and 8-year old son fared the worst of it, both were ejected. Their car flipped over before landing in the median. The boy has been transported to Spokane Children's hospital.

Two others in a separate car are in serious condition.

One lane of west bound traffic was closed. Troopers say they expected the situation to be worse.

Trooper Rob Morris said, "We realized dodged a bullet on this one. normally when we pull up to something like this we would expect to have a person deceased that's been ejected at highway speeds but we were just lucky in this case."

Troopers say an unsafe lane change may have caused the crash. the official cause will be released after a full investigation.