Pasco's answer to Richland's Riverwalk

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PASCO, Wash. - Pasco has grand plans to revitalize the river front, focusing on the area east of the cable bridge.

The huge overhaul starts with the marina. Construction crews are at work at Columbia Marina in east Pasco.

They are working to wake up a sleepy shoreline. Starting with the area near the Pasco Boat Basin and marina.

Neighbor Frank Newhouse said, "I'd like to see them clean it up and extend it, you know certainly. This is a nice neighborhood here."

It only stands to get nicer. Frank just bought a fixer-upper next to the marina. He knows this area has big potential.

So does the city and Port of Pasco. It's why they're trying to land big investors, like Jim Toroni. He's dropping big bucks into the marina to get the ball rolling on the shoreline.

He said, "It's a community project that we just need to take to the level that we're trying to get to now. It's not my marina, it's not the city's marina, it's the Tri-Cities' marina."

That community mindset is making an impact on surrounding properties, work on the nearby park is also underway.

The city flipped back on the lights, keeping them on at night. The police are now once again patrolling the area and eventually we could see beach access here for swimmers to enjoy the river.

It's all just a glimpse of what's to come.

Here's how the land at the northern shoreline east of the Cable Bridge will be used. The dream is a shopping district coupled with a hotel, restaurants and other destination points. A viewing deck, parks and other open space will fill-in around the district.

Land further back will be used for more business development.

The Sacagewea Trail will be extended giving visitors more access to the water.

Rick Terway, Community Services Director with Pasco said, "We partnered with the Port of Pasco in doing the plan to see what our options were to improve this area, to make it a showcase area to bring it back to modern day standards, if you will."

Paving the way for a bright future along the shoreline in Pasco.

Officially, these are known as the "Rail-To-River Plans."

There are lofty dreams for the Kennewick side as well, beginning near the Blue Bridge.

The idea is to develop more than 20 acres there to turn that waterfront into a destination of its own.