Pasco's 'Energy Star' schools save you money

Pasco's 'Energy Star' schools save you money »Play Video
PASCO, Wash. -- Going green to save your green. Pasco schools are becoming more energy efficient and that of course saves your tax payer dollars. They're also saving the district about a half-million bucks.

Turning off lights, using special faucets, and only using heat or AC when absolutely necessary. These are things Pasco is doing to turn more schools into Energy Star schools.

"They have done a good job and I really am glad that I live in pasco and know that we have a good school board and progressive schools," said Pasco resident Raymond Williams.

Over the past school year, Pasco was able to make eleven schools so energy efficient, that they now rank in the top 25-percent, nationwide in energy efficiency. These buildings use thirty-five percent less energy and generate 35-percent fewer greenhouse emissions than similar buildings.

"One of the things I think everybody can understand is the fact that, where you don't need energy, don't use it, because it saves dollars," said Assistant Superintendent of Operations, John Morgan.

It saves dollars for you and for the school. In their latest audit, they saved almost a half million dollars. Money they were able to put back into the classroom.

The Operations Systems room can see these numbers on the boilers. If they get too high or too low, she has control of adjusting them, which ends up saving you the most money.

"We try to really zero down on when we really need that air on, and that's a big savings for us," saidMaintence & Operations Systems Specialist, Kathi Gage-Raska.

The district plans to have three more schools on board by next fall.

"The more I can control from here, the better I can spend tax payers dollars," said Gage-Raska.

She can determine where and when events are happening. So if nobody is in a certain room, she can just turn everything off.

"The fact that they're always looking for ways to save money, and they got the right people on the's good living here," said Williams.

The energy efficient technology is used in any new school that the district builds. So between old and new schools, the district will have six on board in the next two years.