Pasco safer as felony arrests take a dive

Pasco safer as felony arrests take a dive
PASCO, Wash. -- The KEPR crime tracker is looking at trouble in Pasco.

We learned violent crime and the number of felony arrests are down 15-percent since last year.

Calls to police for help are also down almost seven percent.

Neighbors told us they're happy with the new trend and want Pasco PD to keep building off this success.

"Be diligent and follow up on phone calls and inquiries and reports of issues in the neighborhoods, but so far, what i see is going well," says resident Valerie Pope.

Pasco has also been rounding up gang members. This year alone, Pasco PD has put almost 200 gang members behind bars.

Pasco's crime levels are below the national average for a city its size.