Pasco not considering lowering speed limit following accident

Pasco not considering lowering speed limit following accident »Play Video
PASCO - We're always looking out for you safety and roadways are a big part of that.

We took your call about a part of Pasco that 's seen more than a dozen accidents in recent years.

After years of living near this hot spot for accidents, Barbara Ridgeley is tired of people flying down West Lewis Street.

"This is just a straightaway for speeders," she says.

Barbara says people have always sped on the street, but she was prompted to take action after a bicyclist was hit just last month.

"Now a man was killed here on Lewis Street. This is ridiculous! I want to know why the speed limit is 45 miles an hour!"

Pasco says it's 45 miles per hour because that's an appropriate speed limit. A Pasco rep wasn't available to talk on camera but sent us an email. It says nothing is on the table to change the speed limit any time soon. That's frustrating news for people like Barbara.

"In my block alone, three other women have had an accident right here on 25th and Lewis," she says.

The recent accident with the bicyclist was one of 14 reported accidents on West Lewis Street between 20th and 28th Street alone.

That's just since 2010 and covers the area from our station down to the appliance store.

These figures don't include hit-and-runs or accidents that weren't reported to police.

Derrek Phillip, a Pasco driver says, "it doesn't seem like the safest speed limit for an area like that."

In the meantime, Barbra says caution is the most important tool she has.

"Just at least put down the speed so no body else gets hurt," she says.

The city of Pasco does have patrols on West Lewis Street to encourage drivers to slow down.

Police do not think speeding is a problem in that area any more than in other areas.