Pasco new home permits back on track

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PASCO, Wash. -- You may have heard reports that new home construction in Pasco is down a third since last year.

Many people pointed to new school impact fees as the cause of the plummet. But new home growth in *unincorporated Franklin County is also down. And the county didn't add any new fees. Pasco says it's because in the last three years -- the city has grown almost ten-percent in population. Last year's spike was out of the norm -- and couldn't continue. The rate of home building now is more manageable.

"It'll take some time for things to settle out, but over time, I think we're in a much better condition now, then we were with that extraordinary growth rate," says Pasco City Manager Gary Crutchfield.

Richland normally gives out almost 200 new home permits per year.
Pasco -- about 150, Kennewick -- double that.

Pasco's spike last year put it up to around 200 permits -- but now it's back to where it normally is.