Pasco PD out in force

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PASCO, Wash. - Drive-by shootings, drug activity, burglaries, Pasco has had its fair share of crimes this year. Operating with fewer officers, in cramped quarters, using limited resources. It hasn't stopped Pasco P-D from putting a dent into criminal activity.

Neighbor Ismael Jimenez said, "I've seen them pass by a lot. There's one right there parked. You could see him over there."

Ismael Jimenez has lived in Pasco all his life. He says he stayed out of trouble and now owns an apartment complex. Ismael is raising his family in Pasco. He feels safer knowing the city is equipped with more officers.

Pasco managed to make more than a third more criminal traffic stops than this time last year. First pulled over for a traffic citation, they've uncovered more people wanted on warrants, carrying drugs or hiding guns. Felony arrests and DUI stops are about the same from year to year.

There have been more burglaries, robberies and thefts in the last year. It's come in the same year Pasco had fewer officers on the street.

The department has been doing more with less and now that they're about fully-staffed including the street crimes unit which is set to hit the streets at the beginning of the year we could actually see crime rates increase which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

When it comes to the number of arrests, Ismael understands more is good.

He said, "They are cracking down."

Now that Pasco is equipped with all the officers it has needed they can concentrate on canvassing the city more. The goal is to reduce crime and reduce fear. They want people like Ismael to feel safe in their community.

As we've told you before, Pasco also has plans to re-open a sub-station at its old location downtown.

The department hopes to better serve the community with this increased presence.