New sign lights up the old flash cube building

New sign lights up the old flash cube building »Play Video
KENNEWICK, Wash. - The old shiny windows have been replaced with dazzling lights. A look some hate or absolutely love.

Kay Edwards said, "I think it looks great, yeah I think it looks really, nice, I think it looks very metropolitan."

Builders for HAPO Credit Union finished slightly ahead of schedule.
They replaced the mirrored windows with energy efficient glass to save money and added an LCD lighted billboard. It has all the bells and whistles reminiscent of a sign in Las Vegas.

She continued, "It's easy to read, didn't distract us at all. We were at a stop light so we were able to see what it was saying and move on."

Police say the sign is no more of a driving hazard than using a cell phone or blasting the car stereo. It all boils down to driver responsibility.

Patrol Officer Saltman with Kennewick Police said, "That's what makes you a good defensive driver, being able to exclude those outside distractions whether they be audio,visual or cognitive."

It will take time to determine whether accidents increase at this intersection. Even if that's the case, it would be hard to tie them to the sign.

"Everything is flash and dash. Everything, I think the generations coming up, everything is on a computer. It's on an iPad, it's on your phone. And, so I think it's really keeping with the times, said Kay Edwards."

That was the reaction HAPO officials are hoping for.