New fire station for Kennewick

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KENNEWICK -- Safety in your community is always a top priority for us here at KEPR. And people in Kennewick will feel much safer knowing firefighters or paramedics will be at their door a lot faster.

The city recently bought land on 10th avenue for a new fire station.

Andy Senket is one of thousands of Kennewick residents who have made a 911 call.

"The first time my step-father had a stroke, it was a very scary experience," he says.

Fast-acting emergency responders saved his step-father's life.

"They need to be there as soon as they can. Minutes can save lives here," he added.

No one knows that better than the firefighters at the city of Kennewick.
The new fire station on Tenth Avenue is set to open early next year. It will improve response times throughout the city as it frees up firefighters to focus on fewer calls.

The new station will drastically reduce response times for emergency responders, which is good news especially for parents for send their kids to Edison Elementary whose response time will be cut down from three minutes to just one and a half.

The fire department also anticipates an almost ten percent reduction in actual calls from the other stations.

Tim Cray owns a plumbing business and lives in the home next to where the new station will go. He didn't put up much of a fight when he learned why the city wanted some of the land he was using.

"I had no intention of every leaving here really, but because of what they plan on doing with it, I was okay with it because of what it's going to do for the community," Tim says.

Andy couldn't be happier.

"Every little bit counts and that's what really matters here," he says

And every little bit will get a little faster -- once the fire station opens on Tenth Avenue in Kennewick.

The city of Kennewick is still looking at how to pay for the station. It's estimated to cost four-million dollars. They hope to secure funding some time in the next few months.