Neighbor asks for help after horse appears malnourished

Neighbor asks for help after horse appears malnourished »Play Video
OTHELLO, Wash. -- KEPR is Taking Action for You, after a viewer sent us photos of a horse that appears malnourished with overgrown hooves.

Tammie Howes has owned horses and farm animals for over 40 years, and she knows the care that they need. It's why she's so upset when she sees the horses next to her property.

"Their care is very limited," she said. "The owners just honestly don't take very good care of them."

She says the dog is locked up in a cage all day and the horses appear underweight with overgrown hooves.

"Horses hooves split all the way up to the top of his foot," said Tammie. "I feel just like, 'What can I do?'"

There's not a house on the property where the animals are kept. The property owners are also the owners of a tire shop in Othello. They didn't agree to go on camera but spoke to me over the phone.

They said the animals are fed twice a day, and the horses' hooves are taken care of every two months. The owner claims Tammie just doesn't like them, but Tammie believes this is neglect or cruelty. She says she's called the Adams County Sheriff's Office more than a dozen times in recent years, pleading for help.

"We've had some complaints from people in the community about the care of these horses," said Undersheriff Dale Wagner.

But the sheriff's office says it's not equipped to take action right now.

"As far as we know, we are having an issue with the hooving of the horses, possibly," Wagner said. "We don't know enough about hooving of horses, and we don't have the people or manpower at the sheriff's office that would positively say these are issues with the hooves."

Tammie says the sheriff's office has known about this for years, but Wagner could only say they are looking into resources.

"I feel helpless, so it's hard," said Tammie.

The sheriff's office said there is no deadline to resolve this one way or the other. The case is still under investigation.