Murder victim's father speaks out

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RICHLAND, Wash. - Teen murder suspects, Josh Hunt and John Young were officially arraigned on Wednesday.

Each are officially charged with first degree murder for the death of 17 year-old Joshua Snapp. They both appeared in front a judge separately but the plea was the same, not guilty.

Not guilty of shooting Snapp multiple times and leaving him for dead on 4th of July morning.

Chris Snapp, Joshua's father said, "We really appreciate how the community reached out with their love and support and prayers.

He made his way to the courtroom today, coming face to face with his son's killers. It's a chilling moment, hard for any parent to deal with. He's not sure he'll be able to go through that again.

"Our family is grieving heavily over the loss of Joshua," he said.

It's been nearly a week since his son was murdered. His body was found on a desert road off Hwy 240 in Richland. Hunt and Young told detectives they lured Snapp with a promise of smoking pot.

When they got him out there they accused him of being a police informant and owing them money. Each took turns shooting him to death. Then fled to Benton City called 9-1-1 and turned themselves in.

Chris said,"We ourselves are praying for all the families involved."

The Snapp family understands they aren't the only victims. For them, part of dealing with this tragedy, is recognizing that the lives of 3 young men are lost. Nothing will bring back his son.

He said,"We're really hoping that this tragedy will, uh, will be able to impact the community in a positive manner."

He's hoping that his son's story will get others to think twice about the choices they make.

A fund to help Joshua Snapp's family cover his final expenses has been set up at Gesa Credit Union.

If you wish to donate you can visit any Gesa location.