Murder victim: 'If I didn't know any better I'd think they're trying to kill me'

Murder victim: 'If I didn't know any better I'd think they're trying to kill me'
FRANKLIN COUNTY, Wash. - Emotional testimony given by the victim's ex-husband lasted most of the day.

Rolfe Hebert was married to Judy for more than 30 years. Even after their split, the two remained close.

Rolfe says Judy sensed something was wrong with her daughter and son-in-law.

He said she told him,"Hon, if I didn't know better I'd think they're trying to kill me."

Rolfe told the jury Judy feared for her life. A tub loaded down with books had fallen on her head weeks before. She thought it was odd but couldn't pin it on her daughter.

Rolfe says Judy talked to him about strange things she was finding with her medication.

He said, "She noticed that some of the pills had some of the names and numbers scratched off."

He told the jury Judy was convinced she was being drugged. His testimony came to a grinding halt. The defense said the prosecutor was asking Rolfe questions about things the jury wasn't supposed to hear.

Franklin County Prosecutor Shawn Sant was given a $200 fine and a warning, follow the rules or risk a mistrial.

Rolfe said he talked to Tashia Stuart the day Judy was killed. He says Tashia told him she felt threatened by her mother. The defense called Rolfe nothing short of a liar.

Defense attorney Bob Thompson asked Rolfe, "Wouldn't you say there are inconsistencies with what you said to detective versus what you've said in court?" Rolfe answered, "Yes."

Tashia Stuart maintains she killed her mother in self-defense. Her attorney will begin presenting that side on Wednesday.

Tashia's ex husband is expected to take the stand He's hoping to invoke his fifth amendment rights to avoid helping or hurting the case against her.

Todd Stuart was acquitted last year for an attempt on Judy Hebert's life a few weeks before she was killed.

The case could go to the jury by the end of this week.