Murder of a Pendleton teen still a mystery

Murder of a Pendleton teen still a mystery »Play Video
PENDLETON, Oregon - In the weeks since Amyjane Brandhagen's lifeless body was found at the Travelodge Motel there are more questions than answers.

Police have said very little. No suspects named. No cause of death made public.

Amyjane was just 19 and had gotten a second job working at the Travelodge only a week before she was killed.

Janie Hutchison manages the Subway where Amyjane also worked. She said, "Everybody knows everybody else so it's kinda sad because she wasn't that old."

Most of the staff went to high school together.

"Everybody here's pretty close, we all get along, it's kind of like family, but, so it was pretty hard," she said.

So hard, in fact, no other coworkers wanted to be interviewed for our cameras.
Almost in tears, they talked about how they will always remember her smile, sweetness and love for life.

Janie continues,"She was big in her church and stuff like that."

The crime scene tape that covered the windows and door to the hotel room where Amyjane's body was found has long since been removed. It seems to be business as usual here at the hotel. For investigators, it's anything but. KEPR spoke with Dan Primus, the DA for Umatilla County. He said they are really relying on the evidence that is currently being examined at the state lab.

That evidence includes DNA samples. It could take weeks to get back results. In the meantime Amyjane's killer is still out there. Friends and family still can't figure out why anyone would want to hurt her.

"It kinda doesn't make sense," Janie said.

Until an arrest is made it won't make any more sense.

Officials tell KEPR evidence in Amyjane's case is a top priority but it will take some time before results will be handed back to Pendleton police.