Major changes planned for Pasco roads

Major changes planned for Pasco roads »Play Video
PASCO, Wash. -- Backups around West Pasco are a common complaint. Now the city is focusing on big changes south of 182.

The city realizes Road 68 isn't the only problem, so it has big plans for the land around Road 100.

Everywhere you look in West Pasco, there's cars. They're piling up around Road 68 and spilling over to the smaller, two lane roads, causing back-ups no matter what time of day.

James Kanbe practically lives on the roads. He said,"Ten years ago it wasn't that bad. But now that you've got houses going in around here, everywhere, there's more and more traffic on a daily basis."

He clocks 200 miles a day in his taxi. He finds there are fewer options to avoid overloaded streets.

"You got the back roads or the interstate and it's still so much congestion it's crazy everyday," he said.

That's the conclusion Pasco came to, find ways to open up the roads, starting with Chapel Hill on the south side of I-182. Then work towards Road 68 near the freeway exit.

Once the barriers come down near the end of Chapel Hill comes down, the five lanes will stretch through this field giving folks on this side of the highway quicker access to the other side.

More than that, the changes will help traffic flow better.

Drivers can choose to take Chapel Hill to Road 100 to cross the highway or take Argent to Road 68. Once Chapel Hill is extended, drivers can cut across, going around Chiawana High, avoiding North Rd 84 and the school traffic altogether.

Road 76 will also be extended with an added bonus, a highway over pass. This will give drivers the option to shorten their drive.

Allowing drivers zipping over to Burden Blvd, only having to stop for a new traffic signal. The end goal of better controlling traffic and minimizing accidents, not to mention cutting down on driver stress.

"It will alleviate the traffic off of 68, give this congested area a little bit of a break," said James. He knows first hand the impact the changes will make.

Pasco has worked with multiple agencies on the plan. The first steps will get underway later this Spring.