More money spent during holiday shopping benefits you

More money spent during holiday shopping benefits you
TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- With our economy on the rise, the Christmas shopping season speaks back. KEPR found out far more money is being spent in recent holiday seasons than during the recession. Gina Lazara looked at how this money into the city can benefit you.

The question was simple.

Reporter: Do you Christmas shop?

Shoppers: "Yes." "No." "Kind of." "Not really." "Yes." "Yes."

We then asked shoppers if they spend more now than when we were in a recession five years ago.

Their answers varied. And although they were scattered, they weren't surprised to hear local businesses are faring better than just a few years ago.

They all agreed they know some big spenders.

"Every year we see an uptick in sales starting around Christmas time, it gets crazy for Christmas and then that bumps it up for the rest of the year," said Adventures Underground Co-Owner, Amanda Divine.

This Richland small business owner says sales have doubled around the holidays compared to her first year in business, back in 2007.

"It's awesome because for a couple years there we were doing just OK but over spending, waking up every morning worried about money, and right now we haven't had that in quite a while," said Divine.

Big spending around the holidays means more sales tax revenue for the city of Richland. It's money they can put back into the community to benefit everyone.

Richland says between December of 2008 and December of 2012, money brought in from sales tax increased more than 14 percent. Kennewick saw tax money raise just slightly year to year in 2011, but then that increase doubled the following year. Pasco saw a similar increase of five percent in additional sales tax money.

They expect a similar result this holiday season although numbers won't be in until after Christmas. This added money helps keep cities operating and keeps your property taxes and other costs down.