More major road improvements for Walla Walla

More major road improvements for Walla Walla
WALLA WALLA, Wash. - Major overhauls are coming to Walla Walla streets to make things safe.

Neighbor Becky Saranto said, "Our tax dollars go for the roads, we want to see our tax dollars put to good use, it's really important."

Voters approved higher taxes to fix the roads. Add that to federal grant money and you've got more than 12 million dollars ready to be poured into city streets. It's double what the city thought it had to work with. Walla Walla worries it's not enough.

Neal Chavre, public works engineer said, " We know the funding that we have is not enough to accomplish everything that we have to do."

Here's what will be done. New signal lights will go up at a handful of intersections, including 13th Avenue at Rose.

Roads will get wider at Myra and State Route 125 and from Abadie to Cherry along 13th Avenue.

Big ticket projects are always good. Newer sidewalks, better road access, even new street lights. A lot of drivers KEPR spoke with want to know, what about the roads we already have.

Rose Street was at the top of everyone's list, a city survey confirmed it.
Rose has the most congestion and the most damage. There isn't a stretch of this road that isn't cracked. Those cracks are slowly giving way to potholes and bald spots.

Becky Saranto rides a scooter to save gas money. Rose Street is her main path to and from work.

She said, "I know the road by heart because I know exactly where to drive where I don't bounce all over the road."

Walla Walla hopes to solve even more road problems like this. Taking advantage of the money voters put up and the good fortune in grant funding.

Charve said, "Its going to be fun to look back and see everything that we've been able to accomplish."

All this work will generate more jobs in the Walla Walla area.

Work will begin in early spring.