More layoffs expected at Hanford

More layoffs expected at Hanford
HANFORD, Wash. -- 450 layoffs at Hanford may not be the end of job losses. Experts say there could be double the number if major contractors lay off their subs. TRIDEC called it "unfortunate" right before Christmas.

But this round of layoffs isn't as large as what we've seen in the past.
And our local economy isn't as dependent on Hanford as it once was.
Other industries like health care -- education and the Lab have picked up. All combine to be a stabilizing influence.

"I have a great amount of sympathy for the families and those's always a bad time, this one was kind of expected though because Congress still has not passed a budget and so as long as we keep going without a budget, then it's very likely we're gonna see these plus some more layoffs," said VP of TRIDEC, Gary Petersen.

Employees have an option of leaving with a severance package before positions are cut at MSA, CH2M Hill and WRPS.