More information on the wrong-way driver on SR240

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RICHLAND, Wash. - Troopers are still trying to figure out how Charles McClammer ended up going eastbound in the westbound lanes before hitting another car near Columbia Park Trail two Saturdays ago.

A woman called our newsroom to say she saw the whole thing happen. It began with McClammer heading east on Highway 240 before he lost control and spun around facing oncoming traffic.

Sherri Adams tells KEPR, "I just noticed the car over-correcting and when it corrected he lost control and then he hit the wall at that point and then spun around in front of me, went all the way across the lanes and then hit the wall on the left side."

Troopers have tried figuring out if McClammer entered the freeway from George Washington Way but Sherrie says he never made it that far.

It was before the I182 underpass that he spun around and then continued driving into oncoming traffic wrecking a mile later.

Sherri described how far she was from him. "Probably about three car-lengths behind him so you know, you just feel helpless. There's nothing you can do except watch it in front of you, you know and just hope for the best. We were hoping for the best," she said.

McClammer never recovered from his injuries and died a week after the accident.

The people he hit have since been released from the hospital.

Troopers say Sherrie is helping them fill in the holes on how this accident happened.