More gang violence in Kennewick

More gang violence in Kennewick
KENNEWICK, Wash. - Drops of blood on the street is all that's left after a gang riot broke out on Irving St in Kennewick.

The front yard of a four-plex on the 800 block was the scene of a late night brawl.

Four people were sent to the hospital with stab wounds, one, airlifted to Seattle. There were numerous others with injuries.

This is not exactly the norm for this part of town.

Neighbor Seth Henderson said, "Its not really sinking in that there was a gang fight right there. It's really just like something else that's you know, added to the pile."

This past week alone Kennewick has seen more than it's share of violence. A targeted shooting on Washington and 10th Avenue sent two to the hospital. The gang member responsible is still on the loose.

He crossed from Kennewick to Pasco trying to avoid capture. Police cornered him in a local business. After 90 minutes they had to call off their search. He escaped before being caught.

Also this week, a road rage incident near the Cable Bridge, sent bullets flying. No one was injured and police won't confirm it was gang related.

Still violent nonetheless, getting officers from every agency joining the fight to stop it.

Officer Joe Santoy with Kennewick PD said, "It shows the gang members what our response is. It show them how we're going to deal with it and trust me, the people that we're taken to jail understand that now."

Police will continue to make their presence known and step up their efforts to rid the streets of gangs.

Neighbors like Seth Henderson don't mind the extra patrols if it means putting a stop to gangs.

"It's been a family neighborhood since I can remember this has always been a friendly place," he said.

He's hoping police can keep it that way.

Police tell Action News the investigation is still ongoing. A total of 7 arrests were made and more could be on the way.