More families eating out for Thanksgiving

More families eating out for Thanksgiving »Play Video
TRI-CITIES, Wash. - "Years ago I decided that I wasn't going to stay up half of Wednesday night and work all day Thursday," said Lois Andrewjeski.

She is one of many turning away from the stove and heading to a restaurant. She's retired now, but used to work every Black Friday.
Leaving no time in her busy schedule to plan a feast. Her family has been gathering at Granny's Buffet for over 10 years.

It seems this idea is catching on. Many other families are letting someone else do the cooking.

The line to get seated nearly reached the door. Customers happy to hand over cash. Never having to ask to pass the potatoes, or hand over the yams. Waiting their turn in the buffet line. Stepping right up, piling it on high.

If you don't feel like having turkey or have picky eaters this is the place to be. You can have nachos, tacos, chicken fingers, mac and cheese. The options are endless.

Even the youngest diner can feed themselves. Never having to wait for a parent to serve them. Leaving more time for the adults in their group to enjoy themselves.

If you think it's cheaper to cook at home, think again. Lois and her family have done the math. They know a deal when they see one.

"The cost of it's about the same, said Helenka Vanderbuilt." "Or less, said Lois. Helenka continued, "We like the no clean up and the food's good."

The perfect recipe for a successful day at the restaurant. The crew cooked up 300 pounds of turkey in addition to their regular menu.
Making Thanksgiving a huge money maker.

Manager Marc Albert said, "We're open 11 to 7 and we're busy almost from the beginning to the end."

Only open an hour and the line was practically out the door. Large groups were gathering in the parking lot to get in line. Signs of a growing tradition for today's families.

While we were at it, we asked people if there were any down-sides about eating out. The most common answer? No leftovers.