More autopsies happening in Benton County

More autopsies happening in Benton County »Play Video
BENTON COUNTY, Wash. -- Your tax dollars are paying for more autopsies. It's come because of a change in the local hospitals.

Major traumas all go to Kadlec now. Lourdes used to take some. Which means if the person doesn't make it, they die in Benton County. The coroner there has handled 40 autopsies this year compared to nine in Franklin County. Autopsies can cost nearly $2,000 a piece. The county is required to pay for as many as necessary.

"Autopsies are my biggest expense. They are by far and away the biggest expense for this office. So if I exceed my autopsy budget, then I'm in real trouble, then I'm gonna have to take a real hard look at things," said Benton County Coroner, John Hansens.

Benton County has handled half-a-dozen more autopsies so far this year compared to last.