Molestation charges against 5th grade teacher rock community

Molestation charges against 5th grade teacher rock community »Play Video
OTHELLO, Wash. -- KEPR is looking more into the longtime Othello teacher accused of molesting one of her own students. Lisa Davis resigned last month.

A fellow teacher reported inappropriate behavior between Davis and a student in her reading class.

No one wanted to believe it's true.

"The accusations that's being thrown towards her--it's just ludicrous."

"I just felt like people were mistaking her kindness for something else. It just broke my heart."

"Honestly, I don't believe it."

Parents, former students, and friends of Lisa Davis can't believe what they're hearing. The fifth grade teacher and mother of three is accused of molesting a young student.

"I mean, she spends a lot of time with the kids, but it's always to help them and do fun things with them to help them want to learn. It's not inappropriate in any way," says Brandy Anderton, a parent of kids that were Davis' class.

After questioning dozens of community members, w was hard-pressed to find even one that would believe the allegations brought against the 5th grade Scootney Springs Elementary teacher were even remotely true.

The allegations first came to light in late May. She was suspended. And weeks later, Davis resigned. Police investigated the teacher for a month before handing it to the Adams County Prosecutor.

"We did refer it up as a child molestation case in the 1st degree. That's what the information supports," says Chief Steve Dunnagan.

He says the recommendation includes two counts of molestation.

"These are always difficult cases. Any case involving a child is very serious then when you add into it the mix of people that are supposed to be responsible for the care of children, it makes it even more difficult," the Police Chief says.

I was told Davis is visiting family out-of-state.
But police don't think she's a flight risk and does not pose a danger to the community.

That's still not enough for Brandy Anderton, whose kids were taught by Davis.

"I think it's going to be really hard on the community and probably be a lot of people taking sides trying to figure out what's going on until everything is cleaned up," Brandy added.