Missing Royal City teen possibly in New Mexico

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ROYAL CITY, Wash. -- Monica Helberg, 16, was last seen Wednesday night. An Amber Alert issued Saturday changed to an Endangered Missing Person Advisory because she wasn't reported missing within four hours of vanishing.

Investigators believe she is with Logan Moncada, 22, possibly in New Mexico. Action News spoke with both families.

"The last time that I saw her was Wednesday evening. We were sitting on the couch watching a movie. It was a fun, girl movie. We were hanging out," said Monica's mom, Lisa Helberg.

But when Lisa Helberg woke up Thursday morning, her daughter Monica was gone.

"Everything's here, her clothes, her makeup, her hair straightener, just her everyday things," said Monica's dad, John Helberg.

Monica even left behind her severe Asthma medication. Leading Monica's parents to believe she was taken against her will.

"All of our family is super heart broken, just completely heart broken and we're scared for her," said Lisa.

As the investigation continues, Monica's parent's are trying to put the pieces together. The last time she left the house without consent, Monica was just 12-years old. She fled out her window to meet Logan Moncada. The age difference led to a restraining order against him.

"As far as my husband and I were concerned, there has been no relationship between them two," said Lisa.

But Moncada's parents say otherwise. After the restraining order was lifted, they claim the two have been texting, since October.

Reporter: "Do you think your son is capable of physically hurting Monica?

Logan's dad, Ted Moncada, said, "That's a 100%, absolutely not. I don't think there's much more to say about that. I mean it's an impossibility. It's impossible, knowing the love that he has for this young lady, no."

But where are the pair and why haven't they contacted their parents?
Is Monica a runaway? Or was she abducted?

"I just don't see it, my daughter would notify me, she loves her family, she comes from a very loving family, we would never, never not hear from her," said John.

A hotel in New Mexico claims Moncada checked in Saturday night, staying just over an hour. There was no sighting of the young girl. Police searched the room and found black hair dye and disposable razors. Authorities don't believe Monica is in danger but they say they are airing on the side of caution. They are working to get a signal from a GPS unit installed in the car as well as trying to track any cell phone activity.

"It's my daughter, I don't know that she's OK. She's gone. She's not in her bedroom right now, what do you say," questioned Lisa.

Investigators are extending their search to Crystal City, Texas. Moncada is believed to have family there. Deputies say by looking at the route the pair has taken so far. Texas could be next.