Mesa woman hit and killed by a train

Mesa woman hit and killed by a train
MESA, Wash. -- A 35-year-old Mesa woman was hit and killed by a train in her hometown early Saturday morning.

Tonya Wright was killed on impact around 5:30 a.m., before the sun was up. She was killed by a Burlington Northern train south of Mesa, near Hailey Road and the railroad crossing.

Authorities say the train conductor followed standard warning procedures.

"Burlington Northern is that they do honk the horn," said Franklin County Sheriff's Office Corp. Gordon Thomasson.

The horn was honked as a warning, but what Wright was doing at the tracks is not clear.

To the right are the train tracks where Wright was killed. Authorities are still investigating if she was sitting on the tracks or if she was walking across them trying to go somewhere.

"At this point in time it's still under investigation why she was there and what was going on the tracks," said Thomasson.

Authorities are not ruling out any scenarios, trying to piece together why she was on the tracks and if it was intentional. Locals say it's a loss for the community.

"We're a town of 500. Pretty much everybody knows everybody, and, yeah, it's a real tragedy for a small town," said Charles Grimm.

Authorities have notified Wright's family. The train did have cameras, and investigators plan to pull that video in hopes of learning more.