Medical clinic could come to Pasco middle school campus

Medical clinic could come to Pasco middle school campus »Play Video
PASCO, Wash. -- Plans are back on the table to put a health clinic on the campus of a Pasco middle school.

Both sides chalked up the last failed attempt to a "misunderstanding."

Zaida Guzman runs a childcare service out of her home just down the street from Ochoa Middle School. She has three kids in the Pasco school system. "Next year, one will go to Ochoa," she says.

But when she needs to take one of her kids to the doctor, it's a hassle.
"I take them to Reliance Medical Clinic by Richland," she added. It's likely she won't have to leave the neighborhood for health care in the future.

The Pasco School District is working with Tri-Cities Community Health to put a medical clinic right on the Ochoa campus.

TCCH got a half-million dollar grant from the feds to add the clinic.
It will be one of about two-thousand nationwide. As KEPR reported in September, the original plan was to add the clinic months ago.

"Well, I think there was a misunderstanding. I think the Pasco school district thought the students would be required to use the clinic, but in fact, we can't really force anybody to use the clinic, it's strictly voluntary," says Tri-Cities Community Health CEO Al Cordova.

Plans would put the clinic in the grassy playfield near the parking lot. An ideal space for the district because it won't be needed to expand the school.

Once the city signs off, TCCH just needs the feds to write the check.
The health care roll out has pushed back that process.

Zaida's kids will be able to use the clinic, but so can she.
It will serve the whole community. "This is going to be great for us because don't have to like, take time from the kids, take them out of school," she says.

And if it all goes according to plan, students and community member alike, could be seeing a medical clinic right across the parking lot.

Construction is likely to begin some time next year. Tri-Cities Community Health is also nearing plans to open a clinic at Amistad Elementary in Kennewick.