Man accused of secretly video taping teen girls in court

Man accused of secretly video taping teen girls in court »Play Video
BENTON COUNTY, Wash. - A Prosser dad admits he set up a video camera to tape his teenaged daughter in her room. He claims his intentions were good. Prosecutors call it a felony sex offense.

Kelly Ledgerwood never denied he did it, stashing a camcorder in his teenaged daughter's room. All just in time for his 17-year old daughter and her friends to change out of their bathing suits after a night in the hot tub.

The first victim to take the stand said, "It's not normal to find a camera in your room."

The girls spotted the camera themselves. The daughter admits deleting the 17 minute video and giving the camera to her mom.
Another girl who testified was just 15 years old at the time she was recorded. She recalls her friend's reaction to finding the camera in her bedroom.

The second victim said, "She was, shaking. She was really kinda sickened, confused, I think we all were."

They didn't think the camera was for real.

The third victim said, "I thought it would be like a funny joke, you know, ha ha, because that's how we are with each other."

The girls rewound the video and saw Ledgerwood himself on tape setting it up. When Ledgerwood was slapped with felony charges he called one of the girls leaving this voicemail played in court:

"I'm calling to see how you're doing and apologize. I know you don't want to talk to me and that's ok. I hope someday you can forgive me. I don't know, I'm so terribly sorry."

It did little to help his case. Putting police on high alert and bumping up the seriousness of his charges.

Slapping an "aggravated" tag on because he was in a position of trust with the girls. Ledgerwood took the stand to explain himself.

His reason for all this?

He was suspicious his daughter was having sex with an older family friend. He says he wanted proof.

He said,"I felt my daughter was being taken advantage of by someone, much older..."

That older friend wasn't at the house at the time the girls were taped.
Ledgerwood was wiping back tears and trying to catch his breath.

He's hoping the jury will believe this wasn't voyeurism and that this was a dad trying to protect his little girl.

The trial is set to wrap up later this week.

Months after the voyeurism charges Ledgerwood was charged with felony assault and unlawful imprisonment for a completely different incident around Christmas.

Police say he beat a stripper and held her against her will.

No trial date is set for those charges.