Major road improvements in Walla Walla

Major road improvements in Walla Walla
WALLA WALLA, Wash. - Child safety is the number one priority for any community. But the kids going to Garrison Middle School are left to dodge cars, hoping not to get hit by cars zooming by on Orchard Street.

"It's hard to see children coming and going, and on Orchard folks tend to drive pretty quickly, so it's dangerous," said Cathy Barron.

Her son goes to Garrison. He's lucky to get a ride.
Most don't, often left to fend for themselves against heavy traffic.

She continues, "There's no safe place for them to travel. They ride their bikes, their dodging cars, certainly they walk, it's not safe."

In front of Garrison Middle, it's a different story. Crosswalks are clearly marked and signs telling drivers to slow down are everywhere. But as Shel Silverstein said, the sidewalks end.

Now, that will be fixed. State grants and local water funds have added up to close to half a million dollars. The money will add curbs to mark a clear boundary between the street and new sidewalks. This will make it clear who gets the right of way when traveling up Chase and Orchard.

The area around Garrison Middle school isn't the only location slated for major improvements. As a matter of fact, there are 3 other large projects including reconstruction of a portion of 13th Ave to include a multi-lane bike path. In all 5.5 million dollars will be poured into the city.

Cathy is glad to see much of the money will be spent on Walla Walla's future.

"the other improvements are important in our community. But this one, certainly, it's pretty vital. Keep them safe, get them home," she said.

The area near Garrison Middle School is set to begin next spring.