Locals react to Didier primary victory

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TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- The man with the most money didn't get the most votes in the race for Congress.

Republican Clint Didier stunned many voters as he took more than 30 percent of the vote for Doc Hastings' seat.

His challenger will likely be fellow Republican Dan Newhouse.

We spoke to at least 30 people today and almost all had the same drumbeat.

Tea Party Conservative and Connell Farmer Clint Didier is making his third try for public office. And this time, he's leading a pool of 12 candidates.

Even some of his supporters were surprised by the surge.

Reporter: "Any surprises?"
"Only that he was so far ahead in that race. I thought Newhouse would be closer," said voter D'Ann Ramsey

Dan Newhouse earned almost 27 percent of the vote, guaranteeing him a spot in the general election. He had the biggest war chest and the most endorsements of G-P leaders.

But many voters said they preferred Didier's campaign message.

Reporter: "Newhouse had all of those TV commercials, Didier didn't have any TV commercials, what's your take on that?"
"Clint is doing more of the mailers, I know we got a few of those," D'Ann said.

Diane Allen said the pamphlet was "like a letter to me."

Jan Kerns agreed.

"Newhouse looked very appealing, I listened to his ads, I thought they were effective and they made me feel very comfortable," she said.

A voter who didn't want to be identified said she normally votes Republican, but thinks the Tea Party has ruined the party.

She voted Democrat this year.

"I think it was all in the bag before we ever had a chance," she said.

She worries Didier isn't up to the challenge of Capitol Hill politics.

"I really don't know what football playing has to do with being a congressman, but maybe we can fire him if he doesn't make a tackle."

Jan Kerns says it might take some time for Didier to learn the ins and outs of DC politics.

"I think he might be a little too trusting and I think he's probably going to get burned a couple times before he realizes what he has to do to get things accomplished."

Results may not be final, but they're not likely to change.
Clint Didier handily won the primary.

Clint Didier carried every county in the Fourth District by a fairly wide margin with the exception of Yakima County and Grant County. Dan Newhouse won Yakima, and Janea Holmquist is winning Grant County by less than a percent over Didier.

Holmquist is a State Senator from Moses Lake.