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PASCO, Wash. -- You could call this Sunday the start of a new era for the Catholic Church.

Sunday marked the first time Pope Francis held his first-ever Sunday prayer service. Locally, plenty of Catholics flocked to mass in honor of the new pope.

What a morning it was at St. Patrick's Catholic Church. The first mass since Pope Francis' election attracted droves of people. After a short homily, the congregation prayed for their newly elected leader.

Marja Henderson, a long time catholic, said she's hopeful.

"I thought it was an exciting and wonderful time for the catholic church."

But she wasn't alone. People lined up to tell us just how excited they really are.

"I'm especially excited because I believe Pope Francis brings brings something very needed nowadays for our people," said Silvia Zepeda.

He's known as the slum Pope because he visited slum in Argentina a lot and preached to the poor," said Jacob, a young member of the church.

Luis Guevara was visiting from the east coast, "it's not only a big joy, but a great responsibility."

Pope Francis represents not only a new face for the church, but also a stance on some hot button issues, including gay marriage. For the most part, people at this congregation support Pope Francis.

Silvia added, "I support him 100 percent, a marriage is ascribed as that between a man and a woman and that's the way it will always be."

"I know that's something that's gonna come up many times in the media, but that's because the media doesn't really understand the work of the catholic church," Marja continued.

A recent New York Times/CBS poll showed that a majority of Catholics said they wanted a younger, more liberal pope.

But regardless of the numbers, today's mass suggests plenty of enthusiasm for the new leader of the catholic church.

Also asked in that CBS poll was a question on papal decisions.

Nationwide, eight out of ten Catholics said they think it's possible to disagree with the pope and still be a good Catholic