Local bars pack in World Cup fans

Local bars pack in World Cup fans
TRI-CITIES, Wash. -- The US may have lost the big game this afternoon, but hundreds of fans still come out and showed their support. Uncle Sam's Saloon was actually turning people away after the bar filled up.

From those who've never followed soccer.

Reporter: "Where do you normally watch the games?"
Fan: "At home on the couch. But I thought I'd come out and see."

To the die-hard football club supporters, Uncle Sam's was packed with US Soccer fans. And it wasn't just this game. Workers say the crowds have been in full force for every World Cup game.

"When you get called in and they're like, can you be here early because we're starting to get slammed and it's two hours early," says server Sierra Langbell.

Bar owners say they haven't seen customers pack the place for a sporting event since the Seahawks played in the Super Bowl.

But this a much different kind of football.

Kimo's opened early last week to accommodate World Cup fans looking to snag a table well before kickoff.

"Fortunately, we open up early for the football games, but I had to make sure the staffing was here and we rolled with a breakfast menu," says General Manager Kyle Chism.

Uncle Sam's Saloon, fans arrived more than an hour before the game just to reserve seats. And Owners say it's actually one of the busier times they've ever seen.

Leo Catellano visited several bars before finding a spot.

"Being here right now, it's packed. So I know they're making money," he says.

No surprise Uncle Sam's is seeing business it doesn't normally have on a Tuesday in the summer. They hung a sign on the front door turning people away for safety. Making the work day a bit more manageable for servers.

"It kind of does control it. It's better controlled and we're turning away people, but at the same time, it's bittersweet, because you want all the customers. You want everybody to enjoy this," says Sierra.

Enjoying US Soccer, in a match you'll only see every four years. Owners say even though the US lost, they still expect crowds for the remaining World Cup Games.